Spiced rice pudding

Spiced rice pudding

Creamy … it will be hard to stop at one bowl with this spiced rice pudding.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. We’ve all been sick in the Good Baby Kitchen household. The cold weather has gotten to us and we all came down with a bad case of the flu. I’m still sick and was ordered by the doctor to stay in bed for the entire week or risk pneumonia and other secondary infections.

Today has been the first day I even had the energy to sit in front of the computer. Albeit from my bed (thank goodness for laptops). I officially never want to see a tissue again.

I went into Molly’s childcare last week (pre-sickness) to help with some of the cooking and the wonderful chef there and I came up with this spiced rice pudding that we served to the kids for afternoon tea.

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Chocolate peanut butter cookies with choc-maple glaze

Chocolate peanut butter cookies with chocolate maple glaze

Irresistible … these cookies are undeniably good.

Let’s get things clear. These are definitely a treat food. A very, very, VERY DELICIOUS treat food.

I’m not even going to try and call these healthy, because well, they’re chocolate peanut butter cookies. But they are a healthier version of a treat.

The are refined-sugar free, egg-free and are caffeine-free because they’re made with carob not cocoa. They are also made with wholemeal flour and contain chia seeds and coconut oil for extra nutrients.

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Fruit jelly jewels

Fruit jelly jewels

Guilt-free treat … these fruit jelly jewels are a perfect healthy treat for kids and adults alike.

It’s Molly’s first birthday in a few weeks (ahhh has it really come that quickly?!?!?!).

We’re having a party for her (and p.s. while we’re on the topic, I guess it’s sort of my party too seeing as Molly was born on my birthday). But most party food is packed with sugar and salt. So I’m on a mission at the moment to create fun treat food that I can serve at her party.

These fruit jelly jewels are a great treat for kids (and adults) and are also SUPER simple to make.

I make these without gelatine – so they are suitable for vegetarians too.

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Healthy Christmas trifle

healthy christmas trifle

Drool … is there anything better than trifle at Christmas?

I am the first to admit to over-eating at Christmas. There is always so much food around and it always tastes soooo good.

Trifle is one of my absolute favourite things to eat at Christmas time. But most trifles are laden with sherry and sugar and aren’t so good for little kiddie tummies or our adult waistlines.

This is my healthier version of trifle that is sugar-free, kid-friendly and tastes DELISH.

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Sugar-free vanilla cupcakes


sugar-free vanilla cupcakes

Time for tea … these are so moist and fluffy.

These are a great treat and are perfect for birthday parties.

The cupcakes are so fluffy and they are delicious with my sugar-free raspberry cream cheese frosting or sugar-free chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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