Roasted purple carrots with parsley

Roasted purple carrots

Yum … you’ll never go back to orange carrots after trying these.

Here’s a bit of interesting trivia. Did you know that carrots weren’t originally orange?

The humble orange carrot, which is the most common variety used in cooking today, didn’t come about until the 17th century when Dutch growers bred an orange variety it what is believed to have been a tribute to honour William of Orange.

Carrots, which originated in ancient Persia, were yellow, white, red and purple before their orange cousin came about.

I love the intense colour of purple carrots. There’s always something so enticing about food that is rich in colour.

Purple carrots are slightly sweeter than orange carrots and are packed full of nutrients. They contain the same antioxidant that gives blueberries and red grapes their colour.

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Broccoli puree with spinach and mint

Broccoli, spinach and mint puree

Smush … this tasty broccoli puree is great with lamb or any other red meat.

I know what you’re thinking – “there’s no way in hell my child will eat broccoli puree”. I bet you can already see it being flung all over the walls.

Well this is one way to get your kids to eat broccoli in a tasty puree form. This puree is packed with so many vitamins and minerals and is de-lish.

It’s perfect with lamb or any other red meat as an alternative to mashed potato.

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Cauliflower mash with cottage cheese

Cauliflower and cottage cheese mash

Good for you … it might look bland but cauliflower is actually bursting with nutrients.

For such a bland looking vegetable cauliflower is surprisingly nutrient rich. It provides one of the highest sources of calcium for a vegetable, with just 1/2 a cup of cauliflower containing 50 per cent of your recommended daily intake.

It’s also high in vitamin K — which is essential for the production of blood clotting factors — and high in folate which is super important for growing little bodies.

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Pumpkin, dill and corn puree

Pumpkin, corn and dill puree

Sweet and tasty … this is great on its own or perfect as a side with chicken or fish.

Dill is one of my all-time favourite herbs. I love the flavour it gives off and its subtle sweetness.

This is a beautifully sweet puree. It’s great on its own or it goes perfectly as a side with chicken or fish.

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Vanilla apple berry stew

Vanilla apple berry stew

Fruity … this is great served warm, or as a puree.

I love stewed fruits. This is such a great dessert or snack option and you can serve it to your family/baby in a number of different ways depending on their skill level with food.

I generally do half a batch pureed and the rest as shown in the photo above. It’s great for freezing into cubes and making for an easy microwavable breakfast with some yoghurt for those days when you’re so tired you feel like your eyeballs might fall out.

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