Things we feel we need to share

I’m not a health expert. I’m just a mum who does a lot of research (maybe part of being a journalist) and who knows what’s best for her family and child.

All of my recipes are designed for the whole family, but some recipes won’t necessarily be appropriate for your baby or child depending on their age and skill level with food.

Ultimately, you need to make the decision about what you feel is best to feed your family and what you’re comfortable with.

In addition to having my own small (and very cute, but hey I’m biased) daughter I also used to work as a nanny before becoming a journalist. I regularly would feed unsuspecting children vegetables hidden in my creations. And parents would wonder how on earth I got their child to actually eat their broccoli rather than creating the next Mona Lisa with it on the walls.

I also have been lucky enough to road test some of my recipes with a great chef at Molly’s childcare centre. Around 100 kids of all different ages from 0-5 years have tried my creations and for the most part loved them. So I know they work.

Yours in messy goodness,

Lanai xx


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