Five-minute bircher muesli
Christmas spice balls

Healthy sugar free fairy bread

Healthy sugar free fairy bread

Party time … who says sugar free party food has to be boring?

We had Molly’s birthday party on the weekend!! I still can’t believe she’s one!

I love big parties and the buzz of friends and family enjoying good food and cheer. We had a big bunch of people over to our place for a BBQ to celebrate.

One of my creations for the party was this healthy sugar free fairy bread. It’s so simple to make and also is a great snack for morning or afternoon tea anytime of the year (who needs a party as an excuse!).

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Good Baby Kitchen on Studio 10

Last Monday I had the enormous pleasure of joining the panel on Studio 10 to talk about Good Baby Kitchen and my plans for Molly in regards to healthy eating over the first 1000 days of her life.

It was great answering questions with the panel of Sarah Harris, Ita Buttrose, Joe Hildebrand and Emma Freedman.

If you missed it you can check out the episode here.

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Sweet potato gnocchi

Sweet potato gnocchi

Delish … these sweet potato gnocchi are delicious and fluffy, like pillows.

There’s something so tempting about a nice fluffy pillow of gnocchi.

This sweet potato gnocchi recipe is definitely one to try when you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve. It’s also a good one to make with any of your kids who are old enough to help out in the kitchen. I guarantee they’ll have loads of fun rolling and indenting the gnocchi balls.

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Shepherd’s pie with crunchy topping

Shepherd's pie with crunchy topping

Comfort … this shepherd’s pie with crunchy topping is so delicious you won’t want to share.

Anytime I make something that even marginally resembles pie my husband is ecstatic. If it were up to him, he’d probably eat pie every night for dinner. Well, maybe every other night, alternating with pizza of course.

This shepherd’s pie is great for kids. It’s low-salt, packed with veggies and lentils and is also topped with a smooth and creamy mashed potato that almost all kids love.

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Good Baby Kitchen in Kidspot magazine

Lanai Scarr Good Baby Kitchen Kidspot

Cover article … Good Baby Kitchen in Kidspot magazine.

Last weekend Good Baby Kitchen was honoured to be featured on the cover of Kidspot magazine and in the weekend features section of the Herald Sun and other News Corp Australia papers.

I wrote an article about why I have decided to avoid giving Molly sugar and salt for the first 1000 days of her life.

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