Five-minute bircher muesli
Christmas spice balls

Egg free, sugar free pikelets

egg free, sugar free pikelets

Golden … these egg free, sugar free pikelets are the perfect Sunday breakfast.

This week has been a HUUUUUGGGEE week for me. I went back to work full time after almost a year on maternity leave.

I’m a political journalist and of course the very week I come back to work there is a call for a leadership spill, with the potential for a new Prime Minister next week. Translation = my week was CRAZY. Further translation = next week, when the spill will actually go ahead, is going to be even more CRAZY.

So I’ve decided I need some TLC tomorrow morning. Sunday morning pikelets are my favourite any time of the year, but I think I’m going to savour these even more given the turbulent return to my working life.

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Five-minute bircher muesli


Five-minute bircher muesli

Delish … this bircher muesli is the perfect way to start the day.

Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day. I’ve often eaten cereal or scrambled eggs for dinner out of complete choice and utter love of breakfast food.

I’m already thinking about breakfast tomorrow morning and what delicious creation I can devour.

Normally bircher muesli is an overnight thing. Which means preparation. Which, let’s be honest isn’t always completely practical. But take a deep sigh of relief because this bircher is still creamy and delicious and takes just five minutes to make.

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Tasty lamb lasagne

Tasty lamb lasagne

YUM … this lasagne is packed with hidden vegetables and is so delicious.

Lasagne is such a good family dish. Every time I eat it it I think of a big Italian family sitting down for a feast.

This lasagne isn’t as naughty as most other versions and is packed with loads of hidden vegetables.

It’s also perfect for freezing in individual portions to make for quick lunch/dinners during the week.

In addition to lamb, spinach and kale are fantastic sources of iron, which is needed by growing little bodies. Per calorie, kale contains more iron than beef.

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Kid-friendly chicken and mushroom risotto

Kid-friendly chicken and mushroom risotto

Creamy … this risotto tastes so good you won’t believe it’s healthy.

Mmmm risotto is one of my FAVOURITE dishes. This kid-friendly chicken and mushroom risotto is amazing and whilst it may be missing some normal risotto ingredients (aka wine) it tastes just as good (plus more wine for you, YAY).

Mushrooms are a great addition to any dish and an easy way to sneak in another serve of vegetables into your family’s diet. They’re high in B Vitamins, particularly niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid. They are also high in selenium – an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage – and potassium.

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Crispy chive chicken

crispy chive chicken

Delish … these are great with rice, salad or pasta.

I love perfectly cooked chicken. This crispy chive chicken is so tasty and QUICK to make. You can have it on the table within 15 minutes.

Great for those nights when you want to avoid the kitchen as much as possible.

This recipe is gluten free and uses almond meal as the base of the chicken coating. Almonds are such a great nut. They are high in vitamin E and are packed with nutrients that boost brain activity. Perfect for kids and babies.

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