Five-minute bircher muesli
Christmas spice balls

Egg-free, sugar-free muesli slice

egg-free, sugar-free muesli slice

Afternoon delight … I dare you to try and stop at one piece.

It seems like this week is all about slices for me! But really who doesn’t love a good slice.

Although I have to confess, this egg-free, sugar-free muesli slice is only partly my recipe. The initial inspiration for this came from one of my friends who I’ve known since high school. She has an eight-week-old baby girl and goodness knows how she had the time to come up with a slice recipe while juggling a newborn, but she did and it was pretty darn amazing.

I just made a few slight changes and additions and she’s given me permission to share it with everyone here.

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Slow-Cooked Beef and Plum Stew

Slow-cooked beef and plum stew

Delish … the beef is so tender and the plums give the perfect sweetness.

I love fresh, in-season produce. Simply nothing beats cooking with ingredients that have come straight off a farm.

I was lucky enough recently to be given a bunch of fresh plums from one of my mothers group friends whose family has an orchard.

Apart from simply tasting amazing, plums are a really rich source of antioxidants. Plums are also super high in vitamin C and help the body to absorb iron, which makes them perfectly paired with beef. They are also high in vitamin A, fibre and potassium.

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No-Bake Apricot and Cranberry Slice

No-bake apricot and cranberry slice

Easy … this slice is so easy to whip up and is the perfect afternoon treat.

This slice is so quick and easy to make and lasts about a millisecond in our house.

It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness and the texture is just divine. This is a great snack to have when you’re on the go or need something in your handbag to appease the kids when you’re out and about.

Dried apricots are packed with nutrients. They’re super high in vitamin A, with a half cup serving providing 47 per cent of an adults recommended daily intake. Vitamin A is great for cell growth, immune system function and eye health. Apricots are also a great source of fibre, iron and potassium.

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Roasted purple carrots with parsley

Roasted purple carrots

Yum … you’ll never go back to orange carrots after trying these.

Here’s a bit of interesting trivia. Did you know that carrots weren’t originally orange?

The humble orange carrot, which is the most common variety used in cooking today, didn’t come about until the 17th century when Dutch growers bred an orange variety it what is believed to have been a tribute to honour William of Orange.

Carrots, which originated in ancient Persia, were yellow, white, red and purple before their orange cousin came about.

I love the intense colour of purple carrots. There’s always something so enticing about food that is rich in colour.

Purple carrots are slightly sweeter than orange carrots and are packed full of nutrients. They contain the same antioxidant that gives blueberries and red grapes their colour.

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Broccoli puree with spinach and mint

Broccoli, spinach and mint puree

Smush … this tasty broccoli puree is great with lamb or any other red meat.

I know what you’re thinking – “there’s no way in hell my child will eat broccoli puree”. I bet you can already see it being flung all over the walls.

Well this is one way to get your kids to eat broccoli in a tasty puree form. This puree is packed with so many vitamins and minerals and is de-lish.

It’s perfect with lamb or any other red meat as an alternative to mashed potato.

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