Five-minute bircher muesli
Christmas spice balls

Sweet potato wedges with paprika

Sweet potato wedges with paprika

Crunch … these are healthy and taste amazing!

Sweet potatoes are not only more attractive and better tasting than their white, rounder cousins but they are also PACKED full of goodness. They contain vitamins D, B6 and C. They are a source of iron — which is perfect for growing little bodies — and they are a good source of magnesium which is a proven anti-stress mineral.


Yes, you heard correctly.

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Surprising additives in common foods

Surprising additives in common foods

Informative … bet you didn’t know many of our common foods have some scary additives in them.

I don’t know about you but I was pretty darn surprised to learn that Cheezels STILL have MSG in them (hidden as additive 621).

There are more than 300 additives approved for use in Australia and while many of them have no adverse health impacts and help to preserve certain foods it is worth being informed about just what you’re feeding your family.

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Healthy Christmas trifle

healthy christmas trifle

Drool … is there anything better than trifle at Christmas?

I am the first to admit to over-eating at Christmas. There is always so much food around and it always tastes soooo good.

Trifle is one of my absolute favourite things to eat at Christmas time. But most trifles are laden with sherry and sugar and aren’t so good for little kiddie tummies or our adult waistlines.

This is my healthier version of trifle that is sugar-free, kid-friendly and tastes DELISH.

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Sugar-free vanilla cupcakes


sugar-free vanilla cupcakes

Time for tea … these are so moist and fluffy.

These are a great treat and are perfect for birthday parties.

The cupcakes are so fluffy and they are delicious with my sugar-free raspberry cream cheese frosting or sugar-free chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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Cauliflower mash with cottage cheese

Cauliflower and cottage cheese mash

Good for you … it might look bland but cauliflower is actually bursting with nutrients.

For such a bland looking vegetable cauliflower is surprisingly nutrient rich. It provides one of the highest sources of calcium for a vegetable, with just 1/2 a cup of cauliflower containing 50 per cent of your recommended daily intake.

It’s also high in vitamin K — which is essential for the production of blood clotting factors — and high in folate which is super important for growing little bodies.

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