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Christmas spice balls

Guilt-free Christmas gingerbread

Sugar-free egg-free gingerbread

Ginger goodness … these cookies always remind me of Christmas.

I love the smell of gingerbread. There’s something about it that just instantly makes me think of Christmas. These egg-free, sugar-free gingerbread cookies are a great healthy alternative this festive season to the normal ones that are packed with sugar. Plus you’ll feel a whole lot better about scoffing down several of them because they’re healthier for you than the normal kind.

They’ve got just the right amount of crunch and you can adjust the amount of ginger to suit your taste.

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Christmas spice balls

Christmas spice balls

Tasty … these are a great non-alcoholic, healthy alternative to rum balls.

My mother-in-law makes the best rum balls you could ever dream of. They’re so soft and delicious I can never stop at one and I always look forward to Christmas time because I know I’ll get a big batch. I remember being so disappointed the Christmas I was pregnant with Molly because I couldn’t eat any and had to watch on with jealousy as the rest of the family devoured them.

These are a great non-alcoholic alternative to rum balls and have the perfect amount of spice to get you into the Christmas spirit. They’re great for kids, pregnant women and anyone with a stomach really.

They’re super easy to make and are a great healthy snack option over the holiday period.

They also are a fabulous snack option all year round.

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Pumpkin, dill and corn puree

Pumpkin, corn and dill puree

Sweet and tasty … this is great on its own or perfect as a side with chicken or fish.

Dill is one of my all-time favourite herbs. I love the flavour it gives off and its subtle sweetness.

This is a beautifully sweet puree. It’s great on its own or it goes perfectly as a side with chicken or fish.

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Sugar-free strawberry Santas

Sugar-free strawberry santas

Ho, ho, yum … these will make you super popular at the next Christmas function.

It’s Christmas and we all tend to be guilty of overeating during the holidays. Especially with the enormous amount of functions that you get invited to.

These strawberry Santas are not only super cute but they’re healthy too so you won’t feel so bad eating them at your next Christmas function.

They’re also really quick and easy to whip up and contain no sugar. The filling is just cream cheese, butter and no-added sugar 100% fruit jam.

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Vanilla apple berry stew

Vanilla apple berry stew

Fruity … this is great served warm, or as a puree.

I love stewed fruits. This is such a great dessert or snack option and you can serve it to your family/baby in a number of different ways depending on their skill level with food.

I generally do half a batch pureed and the rest as shown in the photo above. It’s great for freezing into cubes and making for an easy microwavable breakfast with some yoghurt for those days when you’re so tired you feel like your eyeballs might fall out.

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