No-Bake Apricot and Cranberry Slice

No-bake apricot and cranberry slice

Easy … this slice is so easy to whip up and is the perfect afternoon treat.

This slice is so quick and easy to make and lasts about a millisecond in our house.

It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness and the texture is just divine. This is a great snack to have when you’re on the go or need something in your handbag to appease the kids when you’re out and about.

Dried apricots are packed with nutrients. They’re super high in vitamin A, with a half cup serving providing 47 per cent of an adults recommended daily intake. Vitamin A is great for cell growth, immune system function and eye health. Apricots are also a great source of fibre, iron and potassium.

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Christmas spice balls

Christmas spice balls

Tasty … these are a great non-alcoholic, healthy alternative to rum balls.

My mother-in-law makes the best rum balls you could ever dream of. They’re so soft and delicious I can never stop at one and I always look forward to Christmas time because I know I’ll get a big batch. I remember being so disappointed the Christmas I was pregnant with Molly because I couldn’t eat any and had to watch on with jealousy as the rest of the family devoured them.

These are a great non-alcoholic alternative to rum balls and have the perfect amount of spice to get you into the Christmas spirit. They’re great for kids, pregnant women and anyone with a stomach really.

They’re super easy to make and are a great healthy snack option over the holiday period.

They also are a fabulous snack option all year round.

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