Sugar-free strawberry Santas

Sugar-free strawberry santas

Ho, ho, yum … these will make you super popular at the next Christmas function.

It’s Christmas and we all tend to be guilty of overeating during the holidays. Especially with the enormous amount of functions that you get invited to.

These strawberry Santas are not only super cute but they’re healthy too so you won’t feel so bad eating them at your next Christmas function.

They’re also really quick and easy to whip up and contain no sugar. The filling is just cream cheese, butter and no-added sugar 100% fruit jam.

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Sugar-free chocolate cream cheese frosting

Sugar-free chocolate cream cheese frosting

Creamy … this frosting tastes so good you expect it to be naughty.

A friend of mine tried this frosting and said that she found it hard to believe that there really was no sugar in it. “But it tastes so naughty,” she said.

I 100 per cent agree with her and am always tempted to eat it before it actually makes it onto whatever I’m icing.

This frosting is delicious on my egg-free. sugar-free, caffeine-free chocolate cupcakes but you can use it as an alternative on anything you would normally put buttercream on.

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Sugar-free raspberry cream cheese frosting

Sugar-free raspberry cream cheese frosting

Delicious … this is the perfect frosting to give a little zing to your cupcakes.

Raspberries are such a great fruit. I always have a big packet of frozen raspberries in the freezer to chuck in smoothies, use in baking or just put on my cereal in the mornings.

This frosting is the perfect complement to my egg-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free chocolate cupcakes as it cuts through the sweetness of the cupcake so nicely.

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