Egg-free, sugar-free muesli slice

egg-free, sugar-free muesli slice

Afternoon delight … I dare you to try and stop at one piece.

It seems like this week is all about slices for me! But really who doesn’t love a good slice.

Although I have to confess, this egg-free, sugar-free muesli slice is only partly my recipe. The initial inspiration for this came from one of my friends who I’ve known since high school. She has an eight-week-old baby girl and goodness knows how she had the time to come up with a slice recipe while juggling a newborn, but she did and it was pretty darn amazing.

I just made a few slight changes and additions and she’s given me permission to share it with everyone here.

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Christmas spice balls

Christmas spice balls

Tasty … these are a great non-alcoholic, healthy alternative to rum balls.

My mother-in-law makes the best rum balls you could ever dream of. They’re so soft and delicious I can never stop at one and I always look forward to Christmas time because I know I’ll get a big batch. I remember being so disappointed the Christmas I was pregnant with Molly because I couldn’t eat any and had to watch on with jealousy as the rest of the family devoured them.

These are a great non-alcoholic alternative to rum balls and have the perfect amount of spice to get you into the Christmas spirit. They’re great for kids, pregnant women and anyone with a stomach really.

They’re super easy to make and are a great healthy snack option over the holiday period.

They also are a fabulous snack option all year round.

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Not so naughty chocolate breakfast spread

Not so naughty Nutella spread

Choccy-goodness … you’ll have to stop yourself from eating the kids breakfast.

I love Nutella on toast for breakfast. I have often been found in our kitchen pantry eating it straight from the container with a spoon.

This is a great way to give your kids/husband/partner/wife a yummy chocolate spread on their toast in the morning, without any added sugar.

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Dairy-free, sugar-free chocolate mousse

Dairy-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free chocolate mousse

Tricky … I bet whoever you serve this to won’t guess what the main ingredient is.

The first time I served this dairy-free, sugar-free chocolate mousse to my husband I didn’t tell him what the main ingredient was and asked him to try and guess. Long story short, he didn’t have a clue that AVOCADOS are actually the main trickster in this dish.

This is such a simple and quick dessert to whip up if you’re feeling like something sweet after dinner. It’s also great for the kids because it looks and tastes naughty but is just made on avocados, dates, vanilla and carob powder. So it is dairy-free, sugar-free and caffeine-free. NOTHING NAUGHTY THERE. WOO HOO.

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ABC radio loves our cupcakes

Cupcakes for the ABC

Yum … even radio hosts love these.

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be asked to go on ABC radio 666 as a guest on their weekly Sunday Brunch program.

The theme was Snap, Crackle and Pop and they had me on for the Cake Of Sunday segment to talk about my egg-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free chocolate cupcakes.

At first when host Lish Fejer and I were discussing all the things the cupcakes DON’T have in them I’m pretty sure she was a bit concerned about whether or not they would actually taste good.

But as you can hear for yourself, Lish and guest DJ Netty from April’s Caravan couldn’t get enough of them.

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