Fabulous frittata

Fabulous frittata

Delicious … this fabulous frittata is so good. You’ll want to eat it every night!

Fritatta is one of my favourite easy dinner recipes. It can be on the table in less than 20 minutes and is absolutely delicious with a big side salad.

It also makes for a perfect breakfast and lunch option too.

A lot of people often ask me if I don’t eat eggs or if eggs are bad for you because many of my recipes are egg-free. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods in the world. They are a high quality protein and a great food to feed kids because the protein helps to support their growth. Eggs also contain folate, vitamin A, iron, zinc, iodine and omega-3s.

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Egg free zucchini pancakes

egg free zucchini pancakes

Tasty … who knew vegetables at breakfast could be so good?

These are such a yummy option for breakfast, lunch or snacks throughout the day.

They’re packed with extra nutrients from zucchini and cheese and are great with a bit of homemade tomato relish, some butter or just plain.

An excellent savoury alternative for breakfast for those not-so-sweet-tooths.

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Tasty lamb lasagne

Tasty lamb lasagne

YUM … this lasagne is packed with hidden vegetables and is so delicious.

Lasagne is such a good family dish. Every time I eat it it I think of a big Italian family sitting down for a feast.

This lasagne isn’t as naughty as most other versions and is packed with loads of hidden vegetables.

It’s also perfect for freezing in individual portions to make for quick lunch/dinners during the week.

In addition to lamb, spinach and kale are fantastic sources of iron, which is needed by growing little bodies. Per calorie, kale contains more iron than beef.

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